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Pre-Purchase Inspection in Savannah, GA (PPI)

A pre-purchase inspection (PPI) is highly recommended if you are buying a vehicle without a warranty. You are assuming all the risk, so an inspection only makes financial sense. If you are shopping for a used car, be sure to contact us for a pre-purchase inspection. We want to help you make a safe and financially responsible decision. Call us today for appointment (912) 235 2990.

Spotting the problems before you purchase the vehicle can save you potential thousands of dollars. You can use any problems you find to negotiate a better price for the vehicle, and if they’re too costly or make the vehicle unsafe, you can avoid buying it altogether and find something safer for you and your family.

During a pre-purchase inspection, we will thoroughly inspect the vehicle you are considering buying. We will look for mechanical and maintenance issues and assess the vehicle’s current safety condition. The importance of a pre-purchase vehicle inspection cannot be understated, and we will help you trust your decision.You will receive the mechanic's report by email as soon as the inspection is complete. Use photos and recommended repairs in the report to negotiate with the seller.  

Standard Package ($149):

  • Multiple point visual inspection of an entire vehicle exterior, interior, suspension, engine bay compartment, brakes, error codes and etc.

  • Test drive for engine and transmission operation, as well as noise and vibration.

  • Basic Report that underlines the current condition of a car and all potential issues found.

  • FREE vehicle history report.

Premium Package ($299+):

  • Everything in standard package.

  • Engine compression test for checking inside engine cylinder condition.

  • FREE vehicle history report.


Additional Service:

  • Mobile Inspection within 10 mile radius
  • Translation (Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese) 

Scheduling a pre-purchase vehicle inspection is not difficult. If you’re able to borrow the vehicle from the dealer or the private seller, schedule an inspection and drive it there. If the dealer won’t let you drive the vehicle off the lot, ask if they would be willing to accompany you to the shop. Although you could find a business that provides mobile auto inspections, this sort of examination won’t be as thorough or conclusive as an inspection performed at an automotive repair shop. A mobile inspection will not lift the vehicle on the hoist and allow for an inspection of the components under the vehicle and a close inspection for leaks.

Most sellers will let you take the vehicle for an inspection. If the seller hesitates, you have to wonder what they may be hiding. So, if you are buying a used vehicle, do the smart thing and have an independent, third party mechanic (unrelated to the used car dealer) inspect the vehicle. While no inspection is guaranteed to find every flaw in a used vehicle, a trained eye will help you avoid serious problems. Given the fact that thousands of dollars are at stake, an hour of your time and the cost of the inspection is good insurance against the unknown.



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