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Valiants Racing aims to highlight the lifestyles of true enthusiasts within the community through our “FEATURED DRIVERS” page. Enthusiasts have invested countless hours into their work—we’re showcasing this outstanding work from local enthusiasts as part of our mission to unify the car culture.

As part of the Valiants Racing community, you will not only have access to the countless quality works of enthusiasts, but will also have the opportunity to submit your own work. The unique opportunity to have your own work(s) displayed within our “Featured Portfolio” will ensure diversity and only add to the myriad of quality content that we currently provide. Access to original, quality automotive content has never been so easy. We’re unifying the automotive community, one shared experience at a time.

Valiants Racing aims to periodically highlight the attributes of drivers throughout the automotive community. In order to find out what make enthusiasts’ gears turn, we’ve compiled a short questionnaire. Publishing accurate and informative articles about those that are heavily-involved in the car culture, in addition to all other rich content concerning news and events, Valiants Racing provides insight into passion that is personally displayed for all things car-related in all areas.

Want to be one of the Featured Drivers? Download the form the links below and get $25 Store Credit. Eligibility is that simple. Include as much details as possible or you will not be eligible for featuring .

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