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WedsSport RN-05M Wheel - 18x9.5 / 5x120 / Offset +36 (CTR Spec)

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WedsSport RN-05M Wheel - 18x9.5 / 5x120 / Offset +36 (CTR Spec)

WedsSport RN-05M Wheel - 18x9.5 / 5x120 / Offset +36 (CTR Spec)

SKU: WEDS-RN05M-1895-5120-36

TC105X - The Pinnacle of Light Weight Cast Wheel Technology

A high-tech machining process is used to create wheels of greater performance without sacrificing the elegance of the design. Accelerate down the straights faster than anyone and enter the corner faster than anyone else! Creating the sensation of unifying man and machine is Weds Wheels' major achievement.


  • Ball-Milling Side Cut: Increases spoke rigidity and strength while reduce weight.
  • N-Frame V.2: Reinforces spoke window and increase strength and rigidity.
  • Increased Hub Mass: Increases overall load capacity, rigidity and strength for better steering response.
  • New Barrel Profile: Allows installation of larger brake system. It also improves overall strength and high speed stability.
  • VDA Painting Process: Vaccum Disposition Aluminum paint (Industry first) - Reduces heat build up, much smoother paint property than standard paint resulting in less brake dust buildup and create an iridescent color under different lighting angle.
  • Thicker Rim Flange - TC105X has thicker rim flange which increase the durability and strength without increasing the overall weight of the wheel.
  • Bead Seat Knurling: The Knurling on the TC105X is more pronounce than before. This helps keeps the tires from spinning on the rim which cause off-balance of rim and tire.
  • Multiple Face Type - Depending on size and specs, TC105X have different face type to accommodate various brake systems.
  • Finish: EJ-Titan
  • Size: 18x8.5
  • PCD: 5x114
  • Offset: 50
  • Bore: 73
  • Face Type: FR
  • Weight: 16.42lbs.
  • Air Valve Stem: Included (Part# S41A2B)